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fun::Event Member List

This is the complete list of members for fun::Event, including all inherited members.

Invoke(const function< void()> &func)fun::Eventstatic
Invoke(const function< void()> &func, const EventTag &event_tag) (defined in fun::Event)fun::Eventstatic
Post(Ptr< EventT > event)fun::Eventinlinestatic
Post(Ptr< EventT > event, const EventTag &event_tag) (defined in fun::Event)fun::Eventinlinestatic
RegisterHandler(const function< ChainAction(Ptr< const EventT >)> &h)fun::Eventinlinestatic
RegisterHandler(ChainAction(handler)(Ptr< const EventT >))fun::Eventinlinestatic
RegisterTimeoutHandler(const TimeoutHandler &handler)fun::Eventstatic
Resume(const EventTag &event_tag) (defined in fun::Event)fun::Eventstatic
TimeoutHandler typedef (defined in fun::Event)fun::Event