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fun::LoggerRegistryHelper Class Reference

Helper class to register user-defined activity log. More...

#include <logging.h>

Public Member Functions

 LoggerRegistryHelper (const string &activityType, const string &schema, const LoggerColumnNames &columns, const LoggerColumnCppTypes &types, const LoggerColumnQuotes &quotes)

Detailed Description

It will be invoked by code generated by funapi_activity_logger_generator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fun::LoggerRegistryHelper::LoggerRegistryHelper ( const string &  activityType,
const string &  schema,
const LoggerColumnNames &  columns,
const LoggerColumnCppTypes &  types,
const LoggerColumnQuotes &  quotes 
activityTypetype of activity to be logged.
schemaschema for log line.
columnscolumn names in log line.
typesreference to LoggerColumnCppTypes.
quotesvector of column's data type flag. column's data type flag is true if target value is in string type, false if target value is in integer type.