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fun::Mariadb Class Reference

Provides query interface for Mariadb and manages connection pool.

#include <mariadb.h>


struct  Error

Public Types

typedef function< void(const
Ptr< ResultSets > &, const
Error &)> 

Public Member Functions

const string & address () const
size_t connection_count () const
const string & database () const
void ExecuteQuery (const string &query, const QueryExecuteHandler &handler)
Ptr< ResultSetsExecuteQuerySync (const string &query, Error *error=NULL)
void Finalize ()
const string & id () const
void Initialize ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< MariadbCreate (const string &address, const string &id, const string &password, const string &database, size_t connection_count, const string &connection_charset=string(""), bool auto_retry_on_deadlock=false, unsigned long client_flags=0)