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fun::MonotonicClock Class Reference

Funapi uses MonotonicClock to be overcome clock drift. More...

#include <monotonic_clock.h>

Public Types

typedef int64_t Duration
 duration value in usec.
typedef int64_t Value
 clock value in usec.

Static Public Member Functions

static Duration FromMsec (int64_t msec)
 Converts msec value into Duration.
static Duration FromSec (int64_t sec)
 Converts sec value into Duration.
static Duration FromUsec (int64_t usec)
 Converts usec value into Duration.
static Value Now ()
 Returns the current Monotonic value. More...
static void ToTimespec (const Value &value, struct timespec *ret)
 Converts the given Monotonic clock value into timespec.

Detailed Description

MonotonicClock provides microsecond granularity.

Member Function Documentation

static Value fun::MonotonicClock::Now ( )