Hello there. Welcome to iFun Engine. iFun Engine is a software framework specialized in rapid development of real-time multiplayer game servers. What does it mean? With iFun Engine, in short, you can build your game server with less work in shorter time. Sounds great, isn’t it?

iFun Engine is not a GBaaS, but a multi-threaded C++ framework. And it’s designed to reduce various development burdens required in game server implementation. These include database modeling/access, scaling-out architecture, integration with external services and management interface as well as client session management. What about those so-called typical? Of course, included. It also offers authentication, billing, chatting, leaderboard, matchmaking, multicasting, and so on.

In the following chapters, I will quickly introduce how to install iFun Enigne and guide you how to implement a game server using iFun Engine.