1. Installation

iFun Engine is compatible with 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 and Centos 6/7. And it’s distributed through those operating systems’ native package management system. That is, if you’re a Ubuntu guy, you can install and upgrade iFun Engine through apt, and if your taste is Centos, you can do the same using yum. So, it is superb easy to install, upgrade, downgrade, and even remove iFun Engine.

We will use Ubuntu 14.04 in this tutorial. Installing on Ubuntu 16.04 is almost identical. And if you are on CentOS, similar steps apply. Please refer to the installation section of the iFun Engine reference document .

1.1. Getting an Ubuntu

First, we need a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS box. Not have one? Don’t worry. Get one from your favorite IaaS cloud service provider such as Amazon Web Services and Azure. Or, you can install one as a local virtual machine using Hyper-V, VMware or VirtualBox, or even as a Docker instance. (In this case, you may need an Ubuntu install image from Ubuntun releases page .)

1.2. Configuring an APT repository for iFun Engine

To download and install iFun Engine, you should get your Ubuntu box configured to use iFunFactory’s private repository. Download iFun Engine repository setup package . Open a terminal window and go to the download directory. Type in the following command.

$ sudo dpkg -i funapi-apt-setup.deb

OK, it seems you’re ready to go now. Let’s install iFun Engine and do some fun jobs.


To open a terminal, press the Windows key and type in terminal. It will show possible terminal apps and you can choose one among them. The If you prefer a GUI, double click on the downloaded package. It will open Ubuntu Software Center and you can install the package.


Please keep in mind that the proceeding $ in the example means a shell prompt and you should not type in.)

1.3. Installing iFun Engine

Open up a terminal window and type in as follows.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install funapi1-dev

Done. You now got iFun Engine installed. Let’s move on and make a game server.


Again, if you want GUI, search funapi from your Ubuntu Software Center. You can install iFun Engine with a few clicks.


The installation process automatically acquires a temporary license valid for 7 days. You can obtain a trial license valid for 6 months from the Trial license application page. Do not forget to check it out.