3. Development environment (C++): Linux + CLion

This is how to develop on a Linux desktop using CLion by JetBrains. In this document, we use CLion 2017.1.2.


CLion also supports Microsoft Visual Studio keymapping. You can change Visual Studio’s keymapping in File -> Settings -> Keyamp -> Keymaps.

3.1. Starting a new project

Enter the following commands in a command shell to begin a new project called my_project .

$ funapi_initiator my_project

Your new project is in a directory with ‘-source’ as a suffix. For example, the project above will be named my_project-source. The game development team can put this directory in an SVN or GIT repository to share it.

3.2. Creating a CLion solution file

Enter the following:

$ my_project-source/setup_build_environment --type=clion

A newly created source directory now opens in CLion.

$ clion.sh ~/my_project-source


The clion.sh path may differ depending on where CLion is installed.

3.3. Configuring debugging in CLion

  1. Click on the File menu at the top left of the IDE, and then Reload CMake Project to proceed a project synchronization. You will see messages reading Indexing ..., Building Symbols ..., or Loading Symbols ... during synchronization. This may take from seconds to minutes depending on your Linux box.

  1. Once the synchronization gets completed, a dropdown list entitled Build All is displayed at the upper right of the IDE. You can use this menu to modify build configuration or choose debug/release configuration. Build All is for a debug build, while Build All (Release) is for a release build.

  1. You now need to configure program arguments and LD_LIBRARY_PATH. First, click on Build All in CLion to build. Open up a terminal window and move to a build output directory named my_project-build/Debug. Type in the following command. Output may differ depending on the project location.

    $ ./my_project-build/Debug/my_project-local --args
    --main_program_name=my_project_server.default --app_flavor=default --framework_manifest_path=/usr/share/funapi/manifests:/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/manifests/default --framework_manifest_override_file=/etc/my_project/MANIFEST.override.json --main_enabled_components=my_projectServer --resource_root=/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/resources --log_root_dir=/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/logs --crashdump_root_dir=/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/dumps --max_log_size=10 --alsologtostderr --stop_logging_if_full_disk


    This is only for the debug configuration. For release configuration, enter hello-build/RelWithDebInfo instead of hello-build/Debug.


    Similarly, if you are using Flavors: Identifying servers according to their role, enter --args in the local script for the flavor. If you have a flavor called game, you would enter the following:

    $ ./my_project-build/Debug/my_project.game-local --args
    --main_program_name=my_project_server.game --app_flavor=game --framework_manifest_path=/usr/share/funapi/manifests:/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/manifests/game --framework_manifest_override_file=/etc/my_project/MANIFEST.game.override.json --main_enabled_components=MyProjectServer --resource_root=/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/resources --log_root_dir=/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/logs --crashdump_root_dir=/home/ubuntu/my_project-build/Debug/dumps --max_log_size=10 --alsologtostderr --stop_logging_if_full_disk
  2. Go to Run -> Edit Configuration in the CLion menu and paste the output obtained above into the Program arguments for my_project.

  3. LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be in the form like a following. Again, the exact path may differ depending on the project location.


Click on the ... at the right of Environment variables, and set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.

  1. After finishing the steps, right-click on External Libraries and click on Reload CMake Project to have CLion learn required libraries.


3.4. Debugging in CLion

You can set a debug breakpoint and run debug to debug your chosen build configuration. If debugging does not work, please double-check if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is correctly configured.


3.5. Game packaging in CLion

If you choose Package instead of Build All, your game server will appear in a package file under the my_project-build/Debug directory. For more on packaging, please see Server management part 3: Server packaging.



If you choose Package (Release), a package for the release build is generated under my_project-build/ReleaseWithDebInfo.