2. Development environment (C++): Linux + shell

This chapter will explain development environments for creating games using C++ in a Linux command line.

2.1. Starting a new project

Enter the following commands in a command shell to begin a new project called my_project.

$ funapi_initiator my_project

Your new project is in a directory with ‘-source’ as a suffix. For example, the project above will be named my_project-source . The game development team can put this directory in an SVN or GIT repository to share it.

2.2. Creating a build directory

Run as follows:

$ my_project-source/setup_build_environment --type=makefile

2.3. Building

When you run this command, a directory named my_project-build is created. This directory contains subdirectories for the debug build and release build. Enter “make” inside your desired directory. Enter the following to make a debug build.

$ cd my_project-build/debug
$ make